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Dental Insurance and Financial Arrangements

Dental Insurance

  • The range of benefits for patients with dental insurance depends solely on what your employer has purchased. Some plans cover as little as 30% or as much as 100% of dental services, less applicable deductibles, and plan maximums. Some plans base the amount of benefit on a schedule of fees arbitrarily developed by insurance companies. For this reason, you may receive a lower percentage than the reimbursement level indicated in your dental plan. Your insurance company is responsible to you, and not our office; however, we will assist you in any way we can to maximize your available benefits. For the most part, dental insurance covers preventive procedures, including X-rays, two cleanings and checkups per year, and fluoride treatments sometimes at 100%. Restorative care, such as fillings, crowns, replacement teeth, etc. are partially covered. The patient is responsible to verify coverage and requirements with their independent carriers.

  • Cosmetic treatment is not typically covered. To help with this, we will work with you to make your dental care attainable.

  • Many dental insurances also carry a "missing tooth clause." The clause states that your insurance will not pay for replacement of a tooth or teeth that were missing before your policy began. Our replacement teeth options include dental implants, partials, dentures, or bridgework.

  • Your benefits are probably based on "usual, customary, and reasonable fees." These fees may not accurately reflect the cost of our services. We offer many amenities and technologies to make your dental care experience comfortable. We devote 100% of our attention to you during your dental care visit. We do not side-book or overbook our schedule. To us, you are an important person and we recognize that your time is valuable. Dr. Como and our team invest in more continuing education than is required so that we can provide the best dental care possible. The fees considered reasonable and customary by your insurance provider probably do not reflect the type of care and service we consider standard.

  • Your "yearly maximum" is the amount your insurance company will pay in a calendar year. Usually, the amount is between $1000 and $1500. Your insurance carrier calculates the amount reimbursed as a percentage of the individual services provided. If you do not use your entire yearly maximum before December 31st, you lose it. Each new calendar year, your maximum will fund again.

  • Our front-office coordinator will provide all paperwork and X-rays necessary to optimize your benefits when you file your claim.

  • Please be prepared to pay for service in full at your visit unless prior payment arrangements have been agreed upon.

Financial Arrangements
Dental treatment is an excellent investment in an individual’s health and well being. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining this important health service. We are sensitive to the fact that different people have different needs in fulfilling their financial obligations, and offer payment options, including:

  1. Fee at the time of Service – We accept cash, check, American Express, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. We will provide any necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

  2. 1/3 Payments for Extended Treatment – For patients whose treatment will be completed over several visits or months, we offer 1/3 payments. The first 1/3 is due on the first visit, the second 1/3 in the middle of treatment, and the last near the end of treatment. This option requires Dr. Como’s approval and should be discussed during the consultation appointment.

  3. Credit Card Auto-Payment – Our program will enable you to use your credit card to pay for your dental care by automatically charging your credit card a predetermined amount on a monthly basis. This option requires Dr. Como’s approval and should be discussed during the consultation appointment.

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